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Meet Steve: A Beacon of Resilience!

Steve’s story showcases the incredible strength of the human spirit. After a serious workplace injury led to reliance on pain medication, his life took an unexpected turn. Once a man with a job and dignity, Steve found himself unable to support himself, eventually ending up on the streets, struggling with addiction. Life on the streets ….  Read More

Empowering Leaders: Comprehensive Training for Effective Community Outreach!

Regular training for our site leaders is crucial to ensure the seamless operation of our food distribution sites. If you’ve volunteered with us, you understand the level of responsibility, attention to detail, and potential stress involved. Our site managers serve as the backbone, demonstrating true leadership and community-building skills. Their dedication is invaluable, and we’re ….  Read More

Empowering Future Food Stewards!

We’re on a mission to educate the next generation in our community. By visiting schools, we’re imparting crucial knowledge to kids, adults, and newcomers alike. It’s vital they understand the resources required for food production and the alarming extent of waste. We believe in equipping them with the tools to combat food wastage. As a ….  Read More

MLA Fin Donnelly Tours Our Distribution Site!

MLA Fin Donnelly graced us, driving, packing, and lifting spirits at our distribution site. His support fuels our mission to serve those in need. He is a dedicated environmental advocate, aligns with our mission: rescuing surplus food for families in need. Together, we make a meaningful impact in the community. Thankful for his visit.   ….  Read More

Empowering Tri-Cities Together! At our recent council meeting with the City of Coquitlam, we were proud to present our groundbreaking Zero Food Waste Pilot Project for the Tri-Cities region. This initiative marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious community. Throughout the presentation, we highlighted the collaborative efforts of our team, community ….  Read More

Empowering Dreams, Bridging Communities! Our Immigrant Link Center Society T-shirts are here and ready to unite our amazing volunteers. Support our cause and grab one for $25! Email us at [email protected] Together, we make a difference!

Hope Blooms: Charity Office Sign

Inspiring Love, Compassion, and Support. Our new sign proudly represents our dedication to improving lives and uplifting communities in Tri-Cities. Join us as we continue to make a positive impact through our unwavering commitment. Together, we can create a brighter future.

Meeting with Councillor Shervin Shahriari

Fantastic meeting with Shervin Shahriari, Councillor for City of North Vancouver! Our team at Immigrant Link Centre Society is thrilled to connect with a like-minded leader who shares our passion for protecting mother earth and uplifting the community. For 3 years now, we’ve been extending our food recovery charity’s operation to North Shore, and it’s ….  Read More

Since launching in February, our new site at Coquitlam Legion has rapidly become a vital support system. As of June, we’re proud to be serving 47 clients weekly. With a capacity for up to 60 families, we anticipate reaching full capacity soon. Your continued support makes a meaningful impact!

As we usher in June, we’re excited to share a heartwarming update. Our commitment to sustainability led us to donate much-needed animal food to the Coquitlam Animal Shelter. Beyond caring for our furry friends, this initiative underscores the profound impact of addressing food waste across our community. Together, through conscious efforts, we’re making a difference.