ILCS has grown to 25 locations with nutritious food delivered 7 days a week to more than 3500 people per month. We need help improving access for new immigrants and low-income families in your area.

All volunteers become part of the Immigrant Link Centre Society family. We appreciate and welcome everyone.

  1. What do volunteers do?
  • Food Recovery: Volunteers pick up food from stores.
  • Food sorting: Volunteers sort food into clients’ boxes based on the clients’ information.
  • Food Delivery: Volunteers deliver remaining food to shelters.
  1. What benefits come with volunteering?
  • If you volunteer more than 48 hours in the charity, ILCS will provide you a reference letter, if needed.
  • After distributing food into clients’ boxes, if there is extra food, you have an opportunity to take some food for yourself.
  1. How do I become a volunteer?


Please contact Volunteer Coordinator: Reihaneh Mirjani: +1 (778) 861-2054

Five years of volunteering

Oxana Petrouchtchak

Olesea Oprea

Lucian Tamasanu

Suaad Kalosh

Two years of volunteering​

Leila Dashtizadeh

Haleh Lajevardi

Nazanin Mohandessi

Ela Ghassemi

Rokhsareh Moazi

George Awsed

Romain Deux Ailes

Bozidar Mitic

Bita Safabakhsh

Our Volunteers

Erfaneh Hashemi

Social Marketing Specialist

Amir Astaneh

VP of Technology

Mehdi Hashemi

Social Media Specialist and Photographer

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