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Immigrant link is a charity that distribute perishable surplus food that is still viable from different grocery stores to people in need, 

Prevent Food Waste

Preventing food waste is very important as it has a direct impact on the environment as well as the economy of a community.

Conserve the Environment

Wasted food is dumped in landfills and over time, decomposes into hazardous greenhouse gas , methane. In addition, food waste means a waste of energy and water used to produce food.

Reducing Methane Emission

About 11% of all the greenhouse gas emissions that come from the food system could be reduced if we stop wasting food.

Providing Volunteer Opportunity

It is helpful for new immigrants to spend some time discovering the society they are living in with doing voluntary work. 

Feed People in Need

Many low income families can have their meals through food recovery program and save a good amount of their wages.

Improving the Economic System

By reducing the food waste , household are able to save more. Buying less food means more money is saved.

WHO we are

Immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS) is a group of several immigrants who have formed a charity for food donation. The charity has been officially in existence since July 2016. The original idea was born in Vanier Centre, English as a second language school, in Coquitlam when we watched a documentary about food waste in Vancouver.
Immigrant Link volunteers come from 4 continents and over 15 countries with one common goal which is to give back to the local community for living in Canada. We are all in one of the most important missions nowadays, and that is to prevent food waste as much as possible. Not only do we save resources, energy and time, we also return money to the economy and feed many people who are in need for food. 

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Our Stories

Immigrant Link (aka Immigrant Link Centre Society) has been in existence for five years. It was formed after implementing a free food “Win Win” project in LINC Program (immigrants and refugees). We distribute perishable surplus food that’s still viable from grocery stores, (that would otherwise have been thrown out adding to landfill waste), free of charge. All of our clients are immigrants to Canada who are in need due to low income, vulnerability, refugees in transition, single moms or volunteers. We believe that no one should struggle to obtain the necessities of life.

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Vancouver's North Shore Covering

Oct 11, 2020 Vancouver's North Shore 

we are expanding the free food program to other parts of Vancouver and now North shore is covered.



Congrats to Save-On-Foods

Feb 2018 Greater Vancouver City

Immigrant link and save-on-food started working together for free food program

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What We Do

We distribute food to people who are in need. Food donations are coming through grocery chain stores. Immigrant Link has made connection with Save-on-Foods, Fresh St. Market and IGA stores and started to collect food which was close to best before or one day old. Food donations are including vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and deli products, breads and bakery goods. The collected food has been sorted in boxes by volunteers and delivered to less fortunate families, according to their needs and their requests..

  • At first, we delivered food to students, 30 families, in Vanier Centre once a week.

  • During the past few years, the demand for food has become bigger and bigger, so we expanded our program from one day per week to seven days per week in 22 different locations.

ILCS is distributing over 850 tons of food value of $ 5,000,000. In this way, we are feeding over 3,000 less fortunate people per month.


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Our Executives

 “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”


Igor Bjelac



Basem B. Tawadrws



Ali Haeri



Snezana Bjelac



Young Bong


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Fight hunger and combat food waste

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When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed .

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It doesn’t take much to change a life

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Immigrant Link

Immigrant Link Centre Society

In Immigrant Link We distribute perishable surplus food that is still viable from grocery stores to those in need. Help cover more people.

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